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Contemplating Fear - a conversation with my sister

Yes, feel the fear, embrace the fear, have a one night stand with the fear and then dump it for the thrill of the game!

And other moral lessons I shouldn't teach my sister or daughter!

But I've always treated people with respect, it's just fear that you should treat like a cheap skank...acknowledge that it is there, recognise that it might have some appeal on the surface (and heck, it probably makes some people happy) but once you let it in, you'll find it deeply dissatisfying! Not to mention the long-term effects you may find that it has left behind!

A little fear helps to keep us alive. But like anything, you can get too much of a good thing. You don't have to enjoy it, but mastering the whispering naysayer offers freedom and accomplishment.

Carb Loading <sigh> - A late night meander

I was asked recently about carbohydrate loading and my first reaction was "don't" but I reined that in and asked the sensible questions: what sport, what level of activity/duration, what standard of event/competition?

The response was amateur rugby, so I reverted to my first answer! However, this answer seems a little trite and unhelpful. So I got to thinking (not unusual) and what started life as a short answer rapidly escalated into a lengthier one. I'll explain not only my reasoning but go some way to tightening up the definition of the term itself. That last act in itself may go some way to leading to your own conclusion as it the term is frequently abused which I feel leads to much of the misapplication.

I have skipped some of the physiology in the interests of not extending the answer any more than I already have. I have tried to be faithful to the science but by skimping have probably done it a massive disservice. If more information/clarity would be useful fe…