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A burpee for your thoughts - early wobble

Two weeks in, fifty to go.

It seems easy when you say it like that!

To some degree, it is. Just knocking them down one day, one week at a time. True, the amount of work is not going to get any less, quite the opposite in fact. But we are not at home to Mr Cock-up. We cannot let ourselves get distracted by the volume., nor dissuaded by some sort of pre-emotive boredom. The goal is chunky. It like fish one whale carcass, we can only take it one nibble at a time.

In this first couple of weeks, the fitter see the reps as low and inconsequential. With no habit built in yet, the danger lies in missing a day or two semi-intentionally and then just overlooking a catch-up. And, as easily as that, you've slipped off the ladder.

The odd catch-up day at this point can be a good thing though. At this stage a "two-for" day is just enough reps to get the heart going and act as a signpost to what lies ahead if we have to play catch-up further down the road. A warning but one that is no…