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Burpee school report

Day 70 in the book. That's ten weeks in and as good a time as any to check in. My last check-in was eight weeks ago. That in academics is approximately a term, so let's have a loom at the report card. 
Not altogether surprisingly, there is the customary "must try harder" and "could do better". But what else?
Well, it's hard to say really. At risk of sounding arrogant and blasé (I have been accused of both before, and recently), it has been a little bit of something and nothing. That sounds appalling, let me rephrase. Remember, I did the #100dayburpeechallenge before, and relatively recently at that. So while my belly still jiggles, my lungs burn and my breath rasps, it is all with half an eye in the facts that
a) I know this is doable, and b) this will get a lot worse.
Actually that thought has cast an ugly shadow a couple of times. Something along the lines of "December will really suck!" It has been despatched. Sent away with thought "Probab…