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Swiss Toni training...

PT is a lot like making love to a beautiful woman - at first you throw yourself in with everything you've got (and if you've been out of the game for a while, this won't be for long). But, before long, if you're just thrashing around and not working with your head as well as heart and soul, it will either chew you up and spit you out or you'll get bored and be looking for the door.
[Before I continue, an explanatory note for my younger or non-UK based readers - Swiss Toni was a used car dealer in the sketch show "The Fast Show" who compared everything to making love to a beautiful woman. Feel

Out with the old and in with the... hang on

There will be quite literally millions of us beavering away at setting, or starting New Year's resolution today. For  some it will be set today, start tomorrow as they nurse a hangover and defer to the calendarical symmetry of starting on a Monday.

I'm not going to get stuck into that this year, I have commented on it before and setting goals is one of those perennial subjects in any event. So this year I am less concerned with what resolutions you are setting for yourself but rather, one we probably do not ask ourselves a lot:

What did you learn this year?

Before you start binning it off because you didn't have a massive flash of inspiration, the answer might well encompass reminders of things that you once "knew" but had not applied or had forgotten. Revision more than learning, if you will!

For example, for my part, I (re)discovered that arrogance pushes all of my buttons; I have a whole new list of tried and tested ways to put weight on using only standard di…