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Burpee Ladder - I'm not so sure...

I've had a couple of people talk to me offline about the burpee ladder and those conversations have started something along the lines of

"I'm kind of interested in the ladder but I'm not sure about the full 100 days"I understand the question. My first instinct, of course, is to say "don't worry about it, back yourself anyway" but for some people it leaves something which is just to daunting. They're focused so much on the enormity of the latter stages that they'll miss out on the benefits of the challenge. I get that, fear has stopped me doing plenty of things over the years, and most of them I later come to regret (mind you, occasionally fear has kept me alert and safe, so it's not enough to say "fear is bad").

So, what to do? If the fear is creating a binary position for you i.e. you're either going to do take the challenge or you're not. And the not seems likely, why not try one of the reduced options that I proposed a…

The burpee ladder 2016 - Are you in?

It's fast approaching that time of year again. Teachers and educators are joined in their wailing and gnashing of teeth by students of all ages. But much more importantly than that, September sees the return of the annual 100 day burpee ladder. This year will be 1st September to 9th December inclusive.

Fancy joining in? Just an interested observer? Here's what you need to know:

We'll be doing burpees every day for 100 days.It's ok, we'll start with 1 on 1st September. We will do 100 on the final day but we'll have built to it.They don't have to be done in one set.They don't have to be done in one session.There are lots of modifications to the humble burpee to make it easier or harder. Before we start, pick your minimum standard for the ladder. You can spice it up on days when you feel lively but you'll not go below this marker.Be realistic. The point of the exercise is consistency, not showing off. Just because you can do 50 or 100 on day 1 doesn'…