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Scratching the surface...or your head

When you think about it, apart from alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sugar and ego-onanism, quitting is easy! Every day there are only 24 hours. Some are packed to the gunwales, some are padded out with fluff and filler. But every minute of every hour seems to compete for attention (or slip past under the radar, trying desperately not to be noticed!). Your best laid plans gang aglay with terrifying ease and the speed of a pyromaniac cheetah carrying a tank of nitrogen. There are a thousand and one reasons at any moment to not do something - whether it is deliver the difficult message or to avoid training or not order that pizza! Every reason appears to have merit. Each has a weight and force of its own which will make it seem insurmountable or incontrovertible. In truth though, you only need one reason to do it. One good "why" to set you straight. That's all it need but too often we are blinded by the sandstorm of negativity to pick it out. Maybe we have never rea…

What makes your world go round?

I went to a gig last week and thoroughly enjoyed myself! I found myself, both before and since, being a little coy about who I went to see. It's almost like it's a dirty little secret but I'm not ashamed of the fact that I really enjoy Iron Maiden, it's more that I wear an ill-fitting mask of moderate behaviour and attitude that saying the name "Iron Maiden" seems to jar with!

Anyway, over the last few days I have been boring people silly with the fact that I had a great time. One of my stock answers has been that whether you like their music or not, you must see them perform. Technical ability, energy, passion and intensity. Their age to one side, you have to admire the performance on it's own merits.

It occurred to me during one of the latest iterations that actually, these are my main causes for excitement in any field- technical execution, energy, passions and intensity. It's been a relatively consistent theme for me. Interview question to a younger…