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Burpee Primer

We're getting a little more interest in the burpee year, quite unbelievably! I say "we" with no sense of dissembling at all. The interest has little to do with me and more to do with all you closet nutters out there spreading the word to your friends. Which is brilliant! I'm not sure whether it should be worrying or reassuring that this appeals to you lot, but I am looking forward to your company over the coming months.

Some people are new to the idea of burpees, some not so new but trying to get their head around the ladder. Some just like their life made easier (true, they're assuming more of a voyeuristic role in this exercise, but it is all good). So, while it is all on these pages so far, to help all of y'all, I have added an extra page as a primer. I have put links to relevant previous posts on there and will add links to more on there as I find/write more content.

Burpee Primer

Hope it is of use. But, since this is becoming decreasingly about me, if there…


My best friend at school once told me that his idea of hell was a having a huge speaker on his head which broadcast his every thought. It's a view he still holds today, but it means that he has a few issues with social media!

On the other hand, I appear to have no issues belching out my mental fumes into the ether. And that's one of the joys of the Internet, any little lunatic with access to a keyboard and a connection to can rail against the world, or the government, or some unsuspecting person posting a video on YouTube!

But it takes two to tango, and a message without an audience is pointless. True enough, this stuff is the electronic version of a message in a bottle. The slight difference is that I can tell that people, you, are reading! That baffles me. Not that you can, I'm not that much of a Luddite, but that you do.

Look at my stats for the week, you lot are awesome! Globally diverse and awesome! Alright, it's not so much traffic that anybody is quaking in th…

Burpee? What the...

Amongst many of the common reactions to my predilection for burpees, the best is a variation on the "what the heck is a burpee?" theme.

I can't pinpoint when I first became aware of them. There's a pretty good chance it was a PE teacher. If not, certainly one of the former bootnecks who I seem to have gravitated towards at various points. Certainly a couple of books in my pt library (which, barring a few older titles spans the last 30 years) mention them.

But what are they? They are a slice of exercise fried-gold served on a bed of awesomeness with a side order of cardio effect! Ok, enough with the hyperbole! I have seen them called squat thrusts, although not often, as those represent a different exercise in their own right, similar, but different. A squat thrust begins and ends in a squat position with your hands on the floor. You then extend your legs out backwards until you have a straight line from your ankles to your shoulders, and return to the starting positi…

Burpees Anybody?

So, it has been just over two months since I completed the 100 day burpee ladder (and popped out a few extra to round up the total). Since then I have noticed a couple of things:

People who didn't take part feel like they missed outPeople who started but didn't see it off, well, they feel like they missed outPeople like me, and others who aren't like me but still finished it, we feel like we're now missing out on something.
So, inspired by Burt Bacharach (he was the man who sang "what the world needs now, is burpees, more burpees" wasn't he?), I'm going to hang out a chance for everybody to scratch that itch. Another ladder, but let's make it a year to remember, a burpee year to remember!

Day 1: do 1 burpee, day 2: 2, day 3: 3, etc etc until we get to day 365 when we'll pop out a cheeky 365 reps.

But, lest a few people miss out on the chance to test themselves to their own capacity, we're going to add in a couple of stages for our journey toge…