My best friend at school once told me that his idea of hell was a having a huge speaker on his head which broadcast his every thought. It's a view he still holds today, but it means that he has a few issues with social media!

On the other hand, I appear to have no issues belching out my mental fumes into the ether. And that's one of the joys of the Internet, any little lunatic with access to a keyboard and a connection to can rail against the world, or the government, or some unsuspecting person posting a video on YouTube!

But it takes two to tango, and a message without an audience is pointless. True enough, this stuff is the electronic version of a message in a bottle. The slight difference is that I can tell that people, you, are reading! That baffles me. Not that you can, I'm not that much of a Luddite, but that you do.

Look at my stats for the week, you lot are awesome! Globally diverse and awesome! Alright, it's not so much traffic that anybody is quaking in their boots, but that's not why the monkey army blog started. I have no idea why, nor the faintest clue if you get anything from it! But since you're here, and no matter what corner of the world you (or your server!) are in

Thanks for stopping by!

Also, while you're here...have you set your target for this burpee year (or part thereof)?


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