Burpee Primer

We're getting a little more interest in the burpee year, quite unbelievably! I say "we" with no sense of dissembling at all. The interest has little to do with me and more to do with all you closet nutters out there spreading the word to your friends. Which is brilliant! I'm not sure whether it should be worrying or reassuring that this appeals to you lot, but I am looking forward to your company over the coming months.

Some people are new to the idea of burpees, some not so new but trying to get their head around the ladder. Some just like their life made easier (true, they're assuming more of a voyeuristic role in this exercise, but it is all good). So, while it is all on these pages so far, to help all of y'all, I have added an extra page as a primer. I have put links to relevant previous posts on there and will add links to more on there as I find/write more content.

Burpee Primer

Hope it is of use. But, since this is becoming decreasingly about me, if there are things missing that you would find helpful, or just want to see my cogs spin on, let me know.

And if you're not on board with the burpee year (and stages thereof), for shame! What's stopping you getting on board? There's something for everybody. Challenge yourself!

If you have thrown down your own gauntlet, good on you. Welcome aboard!


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