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Burpees on a prayer

Woah, we're halfway there
Oh-oh, burpees on a prayer!

26 weeks down, 6 calendar months. Get in!

The day after my birthday in March, while I still hadn't yet thought of/settled on this burpee year thing, I wrote "I still don't know" in response to the question "what's next?". Separate to that blog post I wrote that

I want to do something out of the ordinaryI want to do something that will challenge me.And so I have! The 1st April saw us, that is me; a band of misfits who came together on Facebook and one or two people who follow the blog, kick off the challenge. Some dug in, declaring themselves in for the full-on twelve months. Others set out their stall for 30 days, 100 days or a little beyond, taking them up to weddings and shoulder surgeries amongst other events.
Sheldon ( and I are still going. Going strong? Some days, but definitely with a hint of missing self-preservation! We have been rejoined by my sister who i…