For a while now I've been struck by how people will judge others by standards much higher than those they demand of themselves. It has risen its head recently.

There are few occasions in life that you will get something for nothing. even a string-free, no-obligation gift will cost you in opportunity. So why then do some people insist on demanding that people change to suit them with a steadfast, dogmatic refusal to make the slightest accommodation? I should probably qualify this.

Just turning up is not enough, there is still action that needs taking. You will get nothing for just being there. And as you're there you may as well take some action to preserve or progress your position. not prepared to do anything? Don't want to change? Fine. That's your prerogative. And I mean that with no value statement at all. It is absolutely your prerogative not to change but please do not whinge when the world does not oblige.

Think about it - what do you want, what are you getting, what are you prepared to do? Got your answers? Now ask again - what do you want?

UK - 14/09/10


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