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I started thinking that the journey home is the worst part of any trip. You have left behind the purpose for the journey and all that brought and you are not yet back in your comfort zone.

Actually though, there are a worse things in life. Sure, it's not ideal. You're stuck with the morals of the vendors and how rapacious they are in their sale of refreshments but why should this bit be worse than any other?

But it has some parallels with life for many of us. We're too close to look back with fondness on the recent memories, more fixed on the fact that they've come to an end than with the simple joy of having had the experience. And we are too far away from home to feel wholly relaxed, even if that's where we want to be right now. Where are those Star Trek transporters? I have the phone which is capable of more than I ever dreamed possible and lasers are pretty common, so where are the transporters?

It is possible that I might feel entirely different if this was a rainy day on the platform and Didcot Parkway and I had another three hours to wait for my connection! However, there is nothing I can do, no amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth or frowning and cursing that will make the plane leave earlier or the time go quicker (quite the reverse in the case of the latter), so I may as well just use this time for what it is.

Will I take this attitude into day-to-day life? Or will I continue to fret about mistakes past or muse on a childhood long gone all the time worrying about the future which lurks in the distance? In truth, I'm not sure... but at least if I continue to dwell on past and future, I will have plenty more missed opportunities to muse on later!

So, look for the nugget in what you have now, if only fleetingly. It's most of what you have, so you might as well see what you can squeeze from it..

Ma'a Salama!

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