Take it on the front foot

I've steadfastly tried to avoiding learning. What with all of the observing, having a go and helping others, there simply aren't enough hours in the day to get bogged down by this learning malarkey. And everybody will tell you that the smart people don't need to learn and life is easier if we just keep doing te same things. As a consequence, there are a great many things that I "know", things that are "right" or "true" which often get hidden or swamped by the habitual acts or "because we always have" approaches.

One of the things that has slipped through the net and that I have learned (and the world keeps finding opportunities to reinforce it) seems to cross over from all walks of my life. Whether it is being punched in the face or having a difficult conversation with somebody, or going to work on your habits, or leading up the defensive line - it is almost inevitably better to take it on the front foot. That sporting analogy not working for you? Take it on your terms. Whether it is collision on the pitch or that awkward conversation, it is going to happen. And if it must happen then the choice is to enjoy the respite for as long as possible until it eventually sinks it's teeth into your blind side; or to brace yourself, to prepare and have a go at it with full focus.

Quite often it ends up not being as hard as your imagination built it up to be. When it is as bad as you feared, it is never as bad as if you cede the control, the impetus to somebody else. And if you're ducking it, you never early get to enjoy the respite because these things cast a long shadow.

Even for the quiet and meek among us, there comes a time to smash a challenge. Be unassuming if that is in your nature but walk away leaving people wondering "what just happened?" and "where did that come from?"

Fear is a strong handbrake but it can be a powerful driver. I've experience of both. The fear is never as bad as the pain. And the physical pain has never been as enduring as the pain of regret when I haven't been able or been prepared to face it with everything.

Don't regret things, it's a waste of time and emotion. Choose your path. Decide and act. Then you have nothing to really regret. You will have things to learn, but that beats the heck out pondering the missed opportunities.

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