100 Day Burpee Ladder

I've had a couple of people speak to me or contact me about the 100 day burpee ladder. So, because I still have some people who read this stuff, apparently (by the way, thank you, I'm still not sure what I'm writing for but I do appreciate your time) I thought I'd put it something out here.

Why 100 days? When I was younger my grandad had a book on the shelf "The last 100 days". After he died it came to our family home. Now it sits in my shelf. Granted a book on the last 100 days of the Second World War is odd heirloom to be sentimental about but I vividly remember the "100 Days" printed in pictures within the number and bright yellow. Then there's Napoleon, another childhood fascination. 100 days of his return to mainland Europe until his defeat at Waterloo. And then there is FDR whose first 100 days as president set a frankly astonishing benchmark for the presidency.

It seems like a good number!

Not only is it a good, solid round number but at a smidge over 3 months it is enough to assess somebody and enough to establish and build on a virtuous cycle of action, celebration, more action. And so on, and so on.

So to the ladder. What's that? 100 days, start at 1 rep on day 1, pop in 2 reps at day 2, and keep going up by 1 rep every day until you peak at 100.

It is really about the discipline of daily practice. Either sharpening your discipline, testing it or building it through daily action for those who feel they lack. It is not about the grand gesture or a great achievement every day. It is about the day-to-day grind. The setting out of our goal and the discipline to knock it down. I think list people are capable of facing down a big challenge, to gird their loins for the big push. But the day-in, day-out completion of what is required to inch closer to your goal, that eludes most.It is within our capabilities. Will we do it? If we want to.

The 100 day burpee ladder isn't about posting impressive numbers - although for some on the challenge, each and every day builds new heights of explosive activity. And at the end of each day there is a lurking, uninvited thought about the shadow cast by the next day's ask. And so, the physically active and the burpee-fresher are presented with a similar mental challenge.

Everybody will find THEIR rhythm of the exercise, the experienced may already have it. The real heart and soul of this challenge is the reaching the finish line. It is not in the speed or grace displayed in getting there. With Halloween, Thanksgiving (Canadian and American), Diwali and other festivals during this current crew's 100 days, their will be plenty of temptation to fall off the trail!

I have guaranteed some of this crew that at many times along the way, they and I will both ask "whose firkin bright idea was this?" At the completion of the 100th burpee they will probably question my parentage but they can depend on having uncovered something within them and polished it to a shine along the way.

It doesn't matter if they have to pause to catch their breath - everybody has to find their breathing. It doesn't matter if they do 1 set and finish the rest for the day in singles. It is the sticking with it and coming back for more the next day, all the while knowing that they have a choice, that is the victory.

Actually, saying any of us have a choice in this is really about semantics. Let's face it, having started this nobody is just going to walk away, are they!

Are they?

How about you? Fancy a go?

Yay Burpees!


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