Can burpees be humdrum?

It's been a couple of weeks since the last update and, frankly, not a lot has been going on. Life and work have a habit of throwing challenges into the mix with an apparent disregard for how they impact on us.

Squad news: Sheldon (Sheldon's blog) has carried on burping and blogging. Seriously, if you haven't stopped by, give him a read and drop a comment, his fashion sense is unreal and he could do with a t'internet hug. With each entry (and to be fair, updates from others in the Facebook group) I discover more things in common with people on the other side of the planet. There are a hardcore of other burpeurs/burpeuses confirmed as still quietly chipping away:- Monty, Charles; Hayley; Liz; Hoggy and Trev. We happy few, we band of...wait a minute. "Happy"? By the way, if you are in, with us and still going, drop me a line. It would be great to hear from you and share in your journey.

So, happy? Maybe, maybe not. Another couple of drop-outs has been a bit of a downer. Mostly because it introduces an element of doubt where there shouldn't be any. However, this is where the quiet, strong people come into their own in any group effort. Their taciturn strength helps. Their not giving admission to doubt is reassuring. I must confess that I have had murmurs and muttering in my internal convocation. The doubles, the 160 rep sessions have brought home the thought that in just under 3 months I'll have to do it all again, just this time without the comfort of knowing it will be the mere 80 the following day! But that's three months away and so it can, for now, remain three months away's problem! What can I do to influence that now? Well, fretting about it sure wont help. Keep going. Keep the burpees going in a structured, gradually increasing way. Build the load and build my body's adaptation to it. Now might be a good time to start looking closer at mobility and preparation and what Verstegen dubs regeneration; at least if I want to maintain longevity in this.

Day 88 I hit the Nissen hut with a good training partner. [Incidentally, a good training partner is priceless. I am lucky enough to have a couple. Find one, cultivate them, keep them!]. We decided to hit up some of the benchmark (self-directed) exercises that I have set the rugby club (Phys self-assessment form ). The bodyweight front squat hit my sweetspot, and with a little encouragement, I knocked out 20 reps in a sitting. The bench and plank went on to identify imbalances (shocker). The biggest surprise of the night came some two hours later when, after the in-laws had gone to bed (staying with us to help with poorly toddler -easier not to explain the burpee year to them!), I discovered that my body, quite frankly, wanted no part of this lunacy! Obviously I took no notice and did 100 for good, round-numbered measure.

My wife worries about me doing this. As I say, I too have my doubts. But this is something of a living, breathing thing and you don't just give up on things like that!

There's a scene in Dodgeball which sort of sums up some of my internal monologue of late:

Peter LaFleur: "Is this really necessary?"
Patches O'Houlihan: "Necessary? Is it necessary for me to drink my own urine?"
Peter: "Probably not"
Patches: "No, but I do it anyway, because it's sterile and I like the taste"

(Rip Torn as Patches O'Houlihan. If you've not seen it, watch it now!)

In other exciting development points, I have learned:-
- Kaolin tablets do not appear to be effective enough to allow for even tentative burpees
- Immodium, however, does. Albeit it is not a comfortable feeling and you may feel excessively vulnerable while performing them!

On which potentially explosive lavatorial exposé I shall take my leave of you. Pausing only to say:- 90 days, 5000 burpees done. And

Thank you for your continuing support, been if it is only passing interest. The deeper this goes, the more that external motivation will help. In the meantime, whatever you're working on, keep beavering away. If it is important to you, the sweat will be worthwhile.

(And Happy Canada Day!)



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