Getting stuff done

1. Know what you want
2. Understand the consequences of not getting what you want
3. More importantly, understand what getting it will mean
4. Figure out the steps to get there
5. Keep 1 in mind while working through 4. Just take the first step, there's beauty in action.

If you're doing something right now, figure out why it is important to you (if you're taking the time to do it, it must be significant on some level. If it really isn't, if it isn't more important than your next step, or if it isn't setting you up to make that next move, why are you doing it?)

"But it's easier said than done". Really? I suppose it can be, if only because we've got into the habit of being as glib with ourselves as readily as with the outside world - ah well, at least there's an ounce of integrity in that!

The five points above not only point you in the right direction (ultimately you need to provide the drive) but will give you a number of chances to step back and say "whoa". To literally back down as you realise that when you said wanted something you actually meant "interested in" or "like the sound of".

There's a world of difference between interest and desire. One will let you have long fire-side discourse on a subject. The other will get you out of the door in rain or shine, heatwave or new ice age(!) as you make it happen. For many of us the challenge lies in teasing out our real passions from the noise of our piqued curiosity.

Remember - I want doesn't get (I didn't just say that to prove to my parents that I DID listen!). Just wanting something to happen or wanting something to be true just doesn't make it so. What chain of events will you kick off?

What are you going to do about it?


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