So you know you're not alone in thinking this...

There is no such thing as an entirely level playing field and to pretend otherwise is naive and delusional. My issue with hankering after one is that it puts you, the individual, anywhere other than at the centre of finding a solution (how we like to externalise blame!).

"If we could just catch a break we could turn this on its head"; "If the referee would just stop penalising us we could get back in this"; "if they'd just advertised that job in the one idiosyncratic publication I happen to read I could have applied".

What are you doing about it? If you're sitting back waiting for a leg-up or investing your energy in complaining about the situation you are missing the point.

For reasons of endocrinology or physiology or psychology - hormones or rest or genetics or fuelling or mental acuity or physical positioning - in every field of human endeavour we will find ourselves different to the people we are with and against. Even if that wasn't true, the window of perfect human facsimile would be open and closed before the draft of opportunity was felt. We're all changing minute by minute. Perhaps we'll never be more ready for this moment than we are right now, at this moment.

So don't just sit there and wait for it to change. Change it through will and effort...make the difference work for you or vote with your feet. There are very few genuinely insurmountable barriers left in life any more- it's a case of how much you're prepared to do to make it happen for you. And you know what, if you find an obstacle which is completely, 100 per cent, no two ways about it, impassable, then maybe it's time to shift your focus to something else. If you want it enough, you'll find a way. Your timescales may need to be adjusted but you'll find a way. 

Or, here's a controversial option for you...Stop going on about it and do what you're here to do. Grab it by the scruff of the neck and shake it. Or whisper softly in its ear. Whatever works for you. Either way, focus on your performance and things, somewhat mysteriously, will start to pick up. 

Odd that!


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